Mutual Fund Management

  • Cost effective/efficient
  • Systematic and unbiased diversification
    • universe of 12,500 plus funds
    • multiple level screening process
    • analysis of specific criteria
  • Recommended fund list by classification
  • On-going evaluation
Mutual funds provide an efficient and cost effective way to achieve diversification in various areas of the market. In addition, mutual funds can be used in conjunction with individually managed stock and bond portfolios for the purpose of gaining exposure to various sub-sectors of the overall market (mid cap, small cap and foreign).

The Firm's selection process is systematic and un-biased with the primary goal of selecting the best possible funds for client portfolios. No proprietary mutual funds will be utilized. Selection of the investments will originate from a database of common stock and fixed income mutual funds maintained by the Firm. Characteristics of the selection methodology will include:
  • universe of 12,500 plus potential mutual fund options;
  • screened by classification (stock funds, bond funds, large cap / mid cap / small cap, international, domestic)
These mutual funds are evaluated by analyzing specific criteria including, but not limited to, the following:
  • investment objective / style
  • risk / return
  • management tenure
  • expense ratios
  • relative and absolute performance history
  • portfolio composition / concentration / style drift / turnover
  • potential portfolio holdings overlap
  • portfolio credit quality / duration (fixed income funds)
  • assets under management
Mitchell, McLeod, Pugh & Williams, Inc. maintains and monitors a list of recommended funds in each category / style classification. Changes are made to the recommended list and to client accounts, based on the ongoing analysis and evaluation of each fund.

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